WE WANT IT: Heart and Stroke Foundation launches movement to get nutritional information into BC Restaurants

We’ve all been there…you go out for a meal and sit staring at the menu, not knowing what to choose….

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FEAST VAN: Great food for a good cause in my hood.

Here’s a heads-up on FeastVan, a 17 day dining event involving many of the best restaurants of East Vancouver. From…

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Local Vancouver cafe owner has her Mom to thank for more than just recipes.

For Mother’s Day, I wanted to find a great, local business that had some kind of tie to motherhood and the way that our moms affect our lives in ways we sometimes don’t even expect. My friend, Stephanie, suggested I speak with Delainy, owner of The Gluten Free Epicurean, located in our Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Delainy’s simple and cute cafe opened a few months ago and, from what I understand, business is thriving!

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