The kids room...although they both need their own space, I'm so glad they have had time to create memories here together.

Renovating in Vancouver: first steps

So…I’ve been on a bit of hiatus here.  2014 was a tough one for our family for various reasons.  Between…

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The death of community

This morning I was interviewed by a reporter from Thompson Reuters.  She is working on a piece about the absurd…

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2nd cheapest house

The three cheapest houses in Vancouver

We’re all used to the absurd property prices in Vancouver, so when homes come on the market for under $700K,…

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east van bungalow

Report: Vancouver second least affordable housing in the world

According to an international survey, Vancouver has the second least affordable housing in the world.  For the sixth year in…

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3250 E. 50th: $929K

News from the Vancouver real estate bandwagon: sales up 37.8%

According to the Real Estate Board of Vancouver, sales were up almost 40% this October compared to 2012.  Sales also…

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tenant insurance

Reasons you should have tenant insurance…

Because purchasing a home in Vancouver is so expensive, many people rent.  More than half the households in the city…

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Belterra Rendering Revised

What is co-housing? New Bowen Island development offers an alternative for families.

Co-housing isn’t a new concept.  Remeber back in the 60s when people lived in communes?  In Israel, kibbutz are still…

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chuck+norris house

Absurd Vancouver Property (August 1st, 2013)

So…Chuck Norris is selling his Dallas home, which was featured in Walker Texas Ranger.  Listed at $1.2 million, the Mediterranean ranch-style…

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Vancouver $700K

Absurd Vancouver Property: $700K in 4 Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods

People have been asking me to compare homes in areas closer to Vancouver…places that people here are more likely to…

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sydney 1.5 million

Absurd Vancouver Property (July 18, 2013)

Okay…this week I’m going to cut Vancouver some slack. The sun is shining, everyone here is happy and who am I to burst the bubble? There are also other places in the world where crappy, dumpy houses are absurdly priced.

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