Absurd Vancouver Property (September 5th, 2013)

It’s been a hectic week for me here, what with the kids going back to school and all.  I was…

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Absurd Vancouver Property (August 29, 2013)

$1.7 million on East Pender.  No words. Vancouver…are you f*#king kidding me?! Like this:Like Loading…

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Absurd Vancouver Property (August 22nd): Vancouver’s cheapest house

The cheapest house in Vancouver is just under $670,000!! When you consider that about 5 years ago, you could buy…

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chuck+norris house

Absurd Vancouver Property (August 1st, 2013)

So…Chuck Norris is selling his Dallas home, which was featured in Walker Texas Ranger.  Listed at $1.2 million, the Mediterranean ranch-style…

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Vancouver $700K

Absurd Vancouver Property: $700K in 4 Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods

People have been asking me to compare homes in areas closer to Vancouver…places that people here are more likely to…

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vancouver $2.5 million

Absurd Vancouver Property: July 11, 2013

Celebrity couples appear to have it all.  Amazing careers, lots of money…and, usually, kick ass houses.  $2.5 million actually doesn’t…

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Absurd Vancouver Property (June 27, 2013)

This week a little diversion from the norm. People say that both art and real estate are good investments.  However,…

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Absurd Vancouver Property (June 20, 2013)

Heritage home west of Main Street in Vancouver for just under $1 million.  No words needed.  This beauty speaks for…

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Absurd Vancouver Property (May 30, 2013)

We’re on to the flatlands of Saskatchewan this week.  I thought instead of picking a price point, I’d have a…

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Absurd Vancouver Property (May 23, 2013)

We’re back to our cross-Canada tour and, this week, we’re headed to Manitoba.  I’m told houses are pretty cheap there,…

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