Why is your kid the boss of you?

We’ve all heard about baby-led weaning.  Even child-led potty training and child-led playing makes sense.  But when did child-led-every-f*%king-thing in…

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Momcabulary Monday: Workouts…

[wurk-outs] Remember those mornings when you used to jump out of bed, tie up your sneakers and bounce out the…

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gripes grind

Gripes from the Grind: don’t confuse your laziness with a lesson!

Are you there parents? It’s me, the one pushing your kid on the swing or otherwise saving his life. I…

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Why I called 9-1-1 yesterday

So yesterday I had a blissful half hour to myself to go for a run.  I was feeling lazy, so…

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Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 9.35.11 AM

You know you’re a parent when you react like this….

You find out your friends are having a third child: Your parents take the kids overnight: Your kid acts up…

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Do they even like me?

Sometimes I feel like I’m so busy bossing, nagging, directing, pulling, dressing, hair-brushing, lunch-making, refereeing, coaching, bed-making, laundry folding, laundry…

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Video blog: Interview with Vancouver wedding and family photographer, Bethany Schiedel

So…I’m a little nervous, because this is my first attempt at a video blog. Recently, I had some amazing photos…

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Newsflash: couples with young children not having sex…

I recently read an article discussing a study, which showed that 82% of surveyed new parents value sleep over sex….

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Keep your damned opinions to yourself…

Have you ever experienced unsolicited comments (from judgmental strangers) about how you parent your children?

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Let’s hear it for the boys!! Modern dads are kicking serious parenting ass: new documentary film takes us into the lives of 7 contemporary fathers.

First off I’m going to start by saying that my husband is likely the best dad on the face of the planet. Really and truly, he is a hands-on, present, and nurturing father. Okay…I’m obviously biased, and I’m certain there are more dads like him out there. The Sound Films (in association with Tabula Dada) was pretty certain of this, too. Their documentary film, DADS explores the role of the modern father. In the words of director/producer/editor, Dave Rees, “…contemporary men simply have different priorities.”

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