Whispers from the Westside: getting the hell out

A while back I wrote a post about how some Westside preschools were having to close down due to lack…

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1.4 million east hastings

Absurd Vancouver Property: Downtown eastside house for $1.4 million

Who would have EVER thought that a house in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside would sell for a million dollars…nevermind almost…

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Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road Sign

Renovating in Vancouver: tempered expectations

So…we have the architect and have hired a contractor.  Over the last few weeks a lot has happened – alas,…

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#DontHave1Million might be my favourite thing on the Internet right now

An online campaign, which highlights Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis is going viral. #DontHave1Million features posts of people on Twitter and…

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Absurd Vancouver Property: Italian Village vs. Burnaby house

It’s been a while since I have posted a property comparison.  However, someone shared a link on my Facebook page…

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East Vancouver Real Estate: is it time to take the money and run??

It feels like there are more and more homes for sale in East Vancouver these days…and that these homes are…

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Whispers from the Westside: empty preschools

I’m toying with an idea for a new series on here…one that exposes the effect of real estate speculation on…

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Photo from rentseeker.ca

Income required to own a home in Canadian cities

We all know the cost of living and affording a home is increasing in Vancouver…but what about in other parts…

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Vancouver Real Estate: A House in Kits for $739K?

Okay, it’s a town home and it has only 899 square feet of living space. But if you step inside…

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A house on Vancouver’s westside for under $1 million!

Yup…you read it here first. There is a house (an actual house…not a coach house, not a basement suite) a…

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