Easy Valentine’s Day Garland



I’m no Pinterest mom, so I love when I can do a craft with my kids that is really easy…and where the end product actually ends up looking beautiful.  This garland is so simple to create and the result is quite effective.

All you need is multi-coloured construction paper, scissors and a stapler.

Cut the construction paper into 1 inch strips.

We did a rainbow pattern, so we put all the strips in order.


Fold the strips in half.


Move the top two ends of a strip together to form a heart.  Then take the “V” from the next strip and staple them together.


Continue until your garland reaches your desired length.


Voila!!  A super easy Valentine’s Day project that even the most artistically challenged parent can complete!


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  1. I just love your daily postings. This one will be wonderful to do with my granddaughters. I made the sugar free apple cookie bars you posted a couple of days ago and they are absolutely wonderful.

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