Let’s have a heart to heart…about your heart.



Last year, a friend of mine started a new workout routine with his wife.  He began to notice that he was having trouble getting through his workouts.  He felt abnormally fatigued and, one day, began having chest pain.   After a visit to the doctor, he was given a stress test, which he failed.  Upon further exploration it was discovered that the main artery to his heart was 100% blocked (this is known as the “widow maker”)…the other three arteries were around 80%. blocked.  He was literally a ticking time bomb.

My friend was in his late 30s when this happened.  Doctors estimated his heart disease had been developing for around 12 years…yet, right up until it was discovered, he had no symptoms.   He is fine today, after undergoing open-heart surgery.

My friend is one of the lucky ones.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Canada.  Like my friend, many people go for years without knowing they are at risk.  However, knowledge is power when it comes to heart disease.  As February is Heart Month, it’s the perfect time to educate yourself and loved ones about your cardiovascular health.

Your heart may be aging faster than you 

This is important to know because research shows knowing the cardiovascular age of your heart will lead to better heart health management.  Several factors influence your heart age, including blood pressure levels, cholesterol, and the presence of risk factors like smoking.  The Canadian Cardiovascular Society recommends calculating your cardiovascular age and knowing your cardiovascular risk profile to improve management of blood pressure and blood lipids.  Research shows that understanding and knowing the cardiovascular age of your heart will lead to better health management.

How you can find out the “age” of your heart 

The Shoppers Drug Mart website is featuring The Heart Age Calculator , an online tool that helps Canadians calculate their cardiovascular age and assess their risk of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular disease within the next 10 years by answering simple lifestyle questions (like your height, age, weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, personal and family history, your daily habits and more).  It is the only scientifically validated online tool available that provides a personalized heart age and cardiovascular risk profile as recommended by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines.

My Heart Age is 34…which I’m pretty excited about, since I just turned 36!

Simple Steps to be Heart Healthy

a)    Stop Smoking

b)    Monitor your blood pressure

c)     Apply an active lifestyle

d)    Regulate your Cholesterol Levels

e)    Take Control 

Take the time to take the test!

It’s time to get Heart Healthy and encourage our fellow Canadians to do the same by taking the test

Leave a comment below telling me your Heart Age!  Were you surprised??


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  1. My heart age was about 2 years younger than my actual age, but I don’t know any of my cholesterol numbers, so not sure how accurate it was. My dad died of heart disease at 52, so it’s pretty much always at the back of my mind.

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