Two B.C. heritage homes for sale: $1 a piece



If you’re sick and tired of the absurd property prices in Vancouver, here is your chance to own a little bit of B.C. history for $1.00

Yup, you read that right.

According to the Vancouver Sun:

boston bar

The town of Boston Bar is offering up two historic CP Rail houses for $1 apiece, according to Lloyd Forman, the director for Boston Bar with the Fraser Valley Regional District.

Forman said he’s already had more than four offers, following an interview on CBC radio early Wednesday morning about the unique deal.

The houses, each about 1,100 square feet on 5,000 square feet of land, are in need of much repair, he said, but they are in good enough condition to renovate.

The only requirement for the buyer is that the exterior of the home maintain their historic value…so no McMansions allowed.  The district is hoping that the buyer will be someone who will want to live in Boston Bar and become part of and contribute to the community.

About Boston Bar bc-110204-boston-bar-map-306

(from the official Boston Bar website)

Boston Bar and North Bend are located across the Fraser River from one another in the rugged Fraser Canyon, halfway between Yale and Lytton, British Columbia.  About 500 people live in the area, and there is fascinating history and natural beauty shared with both residents and visitors.

Boston Bar and North Bend were “forestry” towns for many years. The closing of the local mill and the loss of active logging have led to a shrinking of our towns in the last decade.  Currently, our towns provide services for travelers on the trans‐Canada highway, and the CN and CP railways maintain bunkhouses and crew switching facilities in Boston Bar and North Bend.  Affordable housing prices and close proximity to stunning nature have resulted in an influx of retirees and summer residents. Outdoor recreation opportunities are numerous, and attract many people to this special little section of the Fraser Canyon!

What would you do with these homes?

Here’s a few ideas I had:

  1. Bed & Breakfast
  2. Recovery centre
  3. BC Historical Museam
  4. Summer Camp for families or kids
  5. Old age home
  6. Communal living compound
  7. Organic farm & petting zoo

What would you do with these homes if you could buy them?   Would you want to live in such a remote area…the price sure is right!!


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  1. 4 offers? Seriously? I figured it would be 400,000 offers lol –
    I love old houses – and I love the look of this one – can’t believe it – it’s enough to make me leave Montreal and come running to B.C. ( not that it would take much with the crap that’s going on in this corner of Canada anyway – I’d up the ante and offer DOUBLE the asking price)

  2. I am in construction and i would be interested in purchasing to renovate for a nice family home, as well i would probably open a new business in the area. My family has owned vegetarian restaurants, 50’s burger stops, 2 construction companies, A muffin business.
    always looking to bring something new to the area!

  3. Are the homes still available? I am from the area, Spuzzum, true local, and my family lived in one of the cabins at Alexander Lodge. I, however was adopted, and was raised in White Rock. I would love the opportunity to restore one of these historic homes.

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