Absurd Vancouver Property (January 23, 2013)

$2.2 million vancouver

If you were rich and could afford a $2.2 million dollar house…what would you imagine it to look like?

Maybe it would look like Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s old house in Ottawa:

carrie underwood house

A 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house completely custom built on 11 acres.  Fit for a country music queen and her hockey star king.

Or…perhaps it would look like funny-man, Russel Brand’s new digs in L.A.:

russell brand house

While Katy still tries to sell their matrimonial abode, Brand is kicking back in this grand estate rumoured to have once been owned by fellow Brit, Sir Laurence Olivier.

Or…maybe Miami chic is more your style.  You’d be thrilled with Christian Slater’s new pad, if that’s the case:

christian slater house

With neighbours like LeBron James, Slater is in good company in this four bedroom villa.

But, seriously, in your wildest dreams…you never could have imagined that $2.2 million could buy you this:

$2.2 million vancouver

This must be the specialist effing Vancouver special EVER…

Vancouver…are you f*%king kidding me??!!

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  1. Well Jes*s, what would 1 million get us? (and by saying 1 million, I really mean $700,000 which was our limit for our house in Coq.)

  2. The would be the most humorous series of posts ever on the web, except for how dreadfully sad and cataclysmic the whole situation is. I am simply reminded of the great short Vancouver Real Estate Roller Coaster video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqOn5XEm86A (almost a quarter million viewings), and of course the literally tens of millions of underwater mortgages in the US (still!). The video ends with a very important and serious message.

  3. Definitely the specialist EVER. Without a doubt. Can somebody please tell me how this place has 12 (yes, twelve) bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms? Bonkers!!!

  4. It defies reason that this town keeps attracting mega spenders. My wife was put on hold during a visit to a CIBC bank. The bank manager was finalizing a telephone deal with an Asian who had a flight to catch and was buying six Vancouver houses in a hurry. Mercy.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA is all I can say. We are coming into a strong market this spring, but as Balki Bartokamous used to say, “This is ridiculous.” Initially I thought I read “4157 W. 49th”, and thought “Ok…”, but then I realized the Point Grey “4” (and about $1,000,000 of value) was missing from that address. Unless the walls are papered in gold or there is an LNG well in the basement, he is going to be waiting a while. A long while.

  6. These postings are all wonderful to show the absurdity of housing value in Vancouver, but is it possible to dig further as to why.

    People keep buying. Surely we all love a good bargain, but that notion is not present for those making a housing purchase in Vancouver, since with a little effort one can quickly see the price to value ratio is very high, bordering on the insane.

    What does one get/achieve by buying into Vancouver housing that you can not get elsewhere? Is it because of career, the beautiful scenery, political safety, our free Heathcare system, what ? Someone tell me, since none of these are unique to Vancouver. Perhaps lemmings and Vancouverites have more genes in common than we care to admit.

    Someone should do a study?

  7. This house is in front of a college AND on a street that is a busy thorough-fare. It’s not really west side. So ridiculous!!! Isn’t it supposed to be cheaper if it’s on one of the busiest streets of Vancouver?

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  9. They can ask it, but it won’t sell. I want to find the owner and laugh at them. I think ill request a showing and offer 500K.

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