“The Dog in the Fog,” Vancouver’s latest public art installation draws VERY mixed reviews.


main street poodle

I was walking through my neighbourhood yesterday, when what to my wandering eyes should appear but a gigantic poodle perched on a stick, overlooking Main Street.  I had heard about the latest Vancouver public art installation, but I had not yet seen this one for myself.  Not my cup of tea, for sure.  Then I learned what the price tag was:  $100,000 (funded by local and federal governments as well as Translink.)

I took a quick shot of it and posted it to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  “So dumb” was my comment.

Some felt differently:

Any public art is a good thing…it doesn’t have to speak to you in order for it to be relevant.

However, most had a similar opinion to mine:

I hate it. Main St. and the surrounding area needs parks, NOT a tacky poodle. “VINTAGE” really?!

WHO is in charge of spending of our tax dollars?! We pass by this park almost every day, and we are flabbergasted at how much time and money they have wasted on it. It’s in my neighborhood, and I should be happy that these improvements will undoubtedly increase my property value, however it is difficult to ignore the inefficient use of tax dollars. There have been construction vehicles and fences up on this tiny triangle of land for months now. It’s really a joke.

Did you see the price tag on this??? AND translink funded part of it, makes me so angry… right after their fare increase too… complete waste of our money…

I do agree that public art is important, but I’m not convinced that this particular installation fits with the look and feel of our neighbourhood.  However, we’re all entitled to our opinion, when it comes to art…it seems, nevertheless, that if given the choice, most would have chosen something different than the Dog in the Fog…as I’m now calling her.

BTW…the poodle now has her own Twitter handle, which you can follow.

What do you think of the Poodle?  Is she a welcome, creative addition to the neighbourhood or an eye-sore and waste of money?

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  1. Good lord! $100k for that?? I was ambivalent about it before, but after hearing the price tag, I’m annoyed. How does that cost compare with other public art installations? Seems extravagant given what it is. Seems to me the developer that built the condo right there should be on the hook for a chunk of the costs of the park & art there, since it’s basically their front yard. Do you know if they were?

    I think what annoys me more than the fact that it’s a poodle is that it’s on a pole & totally inaccessible to people. I like art that can be experienced on a physical level, climbed on/in by children like the Sparrows in the Athletes Village or that silver crumpled piece that I think a previous comment referred to near the Eaton’s downtown.

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