The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Keeley Saunders


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When they moved back to Canada (after living overseas for seven years), Keeley and her husband found themselves pregnant and welcoming new opportunities in Vancouver. Mary Kay came into her life in May of 2010. Through Mary Kay, Keeley helps women to discover their inner and outer beauty.  Now almost three years later she is enjoying a great career being at home with her now three year old son and five month old daughter.

Keeley Saunders What characteristics define the Vancouver Housewife?

A Vancouver Housewife to me is a woman with many hats.  She is a woman who knows what she wants and goes out to get it. She is a wife, mum and friend; somewhere in there she needs to make time for herself, but rarely does.   She can be anywhere from a high powered executive to a crafty mum who designs her own diaper bags from home and turns it into a business opportunity. She has a love for the outdoors and appreciates the wonders this beautiful city has to offer.  I have found the Vancouver women are green and more eco conscious than many others I have met around the world.

Are you a good representation of a Vancouver Housewife? Why?

In the short 3& ½ years I have lived in Vancouver I have come to embrace and enjoy my new lifestyle.  In my previous life I worked many hours at a high paying career with very little satisfaction but the 4 weeks holidays we would take each year.  Since coming to Vancouver I have had 2 beautiful children and am enjoying the new chapter of my life as a work from home mummy.  I enjoy the beautiful outdoors and yes even the rain!  I find it cleansing and really makes you enjoy the sunshine when it pokes its head out.  I guess that could make me a good representation of a Vancouver Housewife?

Do you feel that living in Vancouver in some way defines who you are? Please explain.

I’m not sure that living in Vancouver defines who I am but it certainly very proud to say I live in Vancouver.  Mary Kay Ash refers to Vancouver as Heaven on earth and was her most favourite place to travel when she was alive.

 Have you ever had cosmetic surgery, Botox, Restalyne injections, etc.? If so, please provide details. If you haven’t had any of the above procedures performed, would you consider it?

I have not had any type of cosmetic surgery nor will I ever.  I think a woman is more beautiful with laugh lines as they are a sign she has lived a beautiful life.  I do however believe that taking care of yourself is essential.  Just like brushing your teeth twice a day you should be cleansing and moisturizing!

Other than your children (if applicable), what is the accomplishment of which you are most proud? 

Sometimes it seems my life began after my kids came along but that is only because it seems like so long ago!  One of the things I am most proud of and look forward to doing again in the near future is cycling 100km from Brisbane to the Gold Coast in Australia.  I live there with my husband for over 7 years and in that time we enjoyed cycling.  It really was his passion but wanting to do something together I decided to join him on a few rides.  Catching the riding bug I rode in several charity rides.  One came along and as a dare I entered to complete the 100km ride!  I can still to this day remember seeing the 90km marker and bursting into tears not believing I actually did it.  I am so excited to be living in Vancouver as this city is made for the cyclist.  Which I will become again!

Has the desire for affluence/power/money been a motivator in the choices you’ve made for your life?

I have never been motivated by money or power.  I am more motivated by helping people.  My biggest passion is to help women discover how beautiful they really are, no matter their shape or size, colour or creed!  I would sooner rather see a smile on a woman’s face after applying the perfect colour lipstick than see her wallet.

Tell us about your stuff. What do you like to buy, collect, etc.?

My stuff would consist of mostly items I have bought from my fellow work from home mums.  I have everything from your scented candles to the amazing cleaning products all in support of people like me.  I don’t typically save much and have very little from my childhood like photos or toys.  Most of my kids toys or clothes they grow out of I usually donate and all of my ‘skinny clothes’ have gone to the goodwill as well J

Do you have “staff” in your home? (E.g. nanny, driver, chef, etc.)

I do have a young girl that comes and helps me in my home office with the parts of my work I am not good at due to my squirrel like tendencies.   I also have a lovely cleaning company that comes in every two weeks to help around the house.  Having two kids, one in cloth diapers working from home and cooking gourmet meals each night (ha ha) I don’t find time to give the house a proper clean.  So I trade products for a clean kitchen and bathroom.  Sad thing is as soon as they leave my beautiful 3 year old boy has turned the house upside down again J

Do you belong to any clubs, teams, groups or social organizations?

I am currently involved in a few networking groups such as the Business Women’s of Tri cities, Diamonds Dolls group and soon to be starting my own Heart link networking group, a woman’s based group about networking with heart!  I have also been working on my own Professional Woman’s Portfolio where I feature women in business that have allowed me to use them as a face model for my make up application and for this I promote their business.  This portfolio is now currently at 50 beauties and I hope to grow that to 100 in the New Year!  I am also excited to get involved with The Dixon Transition Society, who helps women and children fleeing domestic violence, a cause very close to my heart.

Finish this sentence: “My life’s motto is ….”

A day where you have not laughed or learnt something new is a day wasted!


c1e9ef29db45640b9d10dd83c49889f2 As a thank you for participating, Keeley will receive a special gift from Pure Vibe – Vancouver’s premier whole body vibration fitness studio!  Imagine a 10 minute work out that gives you the benefits of exercising for one hour!!  Visit for more information.

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