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Family photos…usually, for mom, an absolute nightmare.  First, sourcing the photographer.  Next, choosing a location.  Then deciding what to wear.  The actual shoot day is no walk in the park either…in fact, it’s usually the worst part.  Getting the kids dressed and keeping them clean.  Trying to make yourself presentable.  Using every ounce of patience you have to not loose it on your clan as they whine that they don’t want their picture taken…by the time the shoot begins, you can’t wait for it to be over.

I don’t know about you, but this is usually my experience with corralling the family to get a few precious snaps of all of us together.  My most recent experience, however, was different.  Perhaps it is because my kids are a little older and “easier” (relative term) to manage, perhaps I’m becoming less obsessed with the “perfect family photo” as time goes on or…perhaps it was the experience created for me by Bethany Schiedel of Images by Bethany.

From our initial conversations to our photo viewing session following our shoot, Bethany was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She took the time to ask me what kind of pictures I was looking for.  She advised me on how to dress our family (“one step up from jeans and not to matchy, matchy“).  When we arrived at her beautiful, airy, Gastown studio she took charge.  Bethany had clearly planned a “shot list”, which took so much pressure off of me.  A mom herself, she knew how to engage my kids and get them involved so that my husband and I could truly relax and be in the moment…this came through in the resulting photographs.

A few weeks after our shoot we went back to Bethany’s studio to view our photos.  We decided to make a night of it.  As we looked through the slideshow (meticulously timed to beautiful music) we sipped on some wine and nibbled on snacks.  Bethany then went through each photo with us as we tried to decide on favourites…which was so incredibly difficult.  Bethany patiently allowed us to discuss and debate…we never felt rushed or pressured to make any decisions.

What I love about Bethany is that she truly cares about her subjects.  To her, a shoot is not just about getting a couple hundred photos that you can take away on a CD and never look at again (nevermind getting anything printed!).  She clearly wants to capture a precious moment in time, which will hang in your home and fill your heart each time you lay eyes on it.

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Win your own family photo experience with Images by Bethany including:

1 hour session on location or in studio.
online viewing gallery for 1 month.
in studio ordering meeting, 2-3 weeks after the portrait session.

one 8×10 print of your choice

To enter leave a comment below telling me what is usually your least favorite part about getting family photos taken.  For extra entry options, see the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. least favorite part about getting family photos taken is- Well we have never had family photos take but I can imagine it would be to keep us quiet and smiling trying not to get weird shots because we are trying to make sure our daughter is smiling and standing or not running away.

  2. Everything you mentioned. The dressing, keeping them clean, the defiance of actually being in the pictures… Oh and how they turn out :)

  3. I would say trying to not feel like a goof ball while smiling and hoping I end up looking half decent…and then you throw kids in the mix and it’s extra crazy!

  4. My least favourite part is trying to get everyone together, especially as I want to do an extended family shoot, and we all live in different cities (Vancouver, New York, and Toronto)! BTW: your pics and family are gorgeous!

  5. My least favorite part is figuring out what we should all wear. I would love to win this price. The last family photo we had done was back 3 years ago.


  6. Love Bethany’s work! We’ve never had a family photo done – I think because I dread the prep work required and my 3 year old hates her photo taken and covers her face with her hands. Would love to work with a photographer who could get her to look at the camera!

  7. We’ve never had family photos done but I suspect my least favourite part would be doing my hair – LOL! Kids are now 7 and 10 YO so they should behave, husband will do and wear as I tell him but my hair has a mind of it’s own!! :)

  8. my least favorite part would be trying to convince my hubby to even participate AT ALL. He hates having his photo taken but i’m wearing him down one photo at a time lol!!

  9. Hardest part for us is whether or not our youngest child will cooperate. Sometimes we get gold…other times we get skunked. She has all the control there!

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