The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Molly Schneeberg


With a passion for business and the proven ability to successfully bring great ideas into reality, Molly Schneeberg has been a dynamic entrepreneur for more than a decade.  She is currently Founder and CEO of her start up venture, Kibooco (the kid’s book company) which is an interactive platform for kids to create and design their own (real) books!  Outside of building and running her own ventures, Molly has worked as a business and management consultant across industries for over 12 years.   As the proud Mother of two, Molly is in awe of the unhindered creative capacity of the children in her life.  Kibooco is the crystallization of Molly’s many passions and inspirations – fusing her creativity, entrepreneurialism, business savvy with her motivations and values as a parent.

What characteristics define the Vancouver Housewife?

I have never actually used the term “housewife” to describe anyone I know (or at all beyond reference to a certain TV show) so I’d say I am not actually qualified to provide an accurate description of one.   I am curious how a Vancouver Housewife differs from other ones (prolific amounts of Lululemon aside).

I do, however, know many remarkable, funny, talented, loving, respectful women who are or are not married, do or do not have kids, may work full, part, or some times, are professionals, entrepreneurs, artists or otherwise and that take care of themselves, their homes and their families.

Are you a good representation of a Vancouver Housewife? Why?

Hmmm, don’t think so.  Just googled “housewife” in reference to Question 1 and it doesn’t seem I fit the bill.  I did take “Home Ec” in middle school though which, according to Wikipedia is is the formal education for housewife so suppose I am lucky enough to come from a generation where they were still prepping us with the appropriate qualifications

Do you feel that living in Vancouver in some way defines who you are? Please explain.

When I first moved here from Toronto almost 10 years ago I saw seals playing in the Pacific Ocean as I rollerbladed the seawall in Stanley Park – everything about that moment blew me away and I remember thinking that I never want to take that for granted.  Living on the ocean’s edge and at literally at the foot of breathtaking mountains provides a constant reminder to be present and grateful.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery, Botox, Restalyne injections, etc.? If so, please provide details. If you haven’t had any of the above procedures performed, would you consider it?

No, it kind of scares me.  But never say never I suppose (especially when bombarded with concerned questions from my 5 year old seeking explanation for the “rows on my forehead”).  I am feeling pretty good about a recent decision to have bangs cut though – “bangs or botox” I like to say.  The day after I got bangs cut I was carded when buying a lotto max ticket.

Other than your children (if applicable), what is the accomplishment of which you are most proud?

Definitely the last year spent bringing my start up business, Kibooco (the kid’s book company) to life.  Most exciting moment was landing our seed funding, most rewarding moments were the many awesome developments and milestones hit by my incredible team and most growthful moment was busting WAY out of my comfort zone and going on camera to publically show what I am up to and ask for support for an upcoming crowd-funding campaign in order to take our business to the next level.

And…my 2 wonderful, amazing, precocious kids (sorry, couldn’t help myself)!

Has the desire for affluence/power/money been a motivator in the choices you’ve made for your life?

Not sure about those things specifically, but stability definitely wasn’t as I cannot seem to keep away from being an entrepreneur.  Despite the risks and uncertainties that come from starting your own business, I am driven by the vision and values behind Kibooco (my current business) and passionate about bringing ideas from concept to reality.   Part of my passion is actually around creating viable business models so making money does play a part.

Tell us about your stuff. What do you like to buy, collect, etc.?

I have a real love for mid-century modern furniture, but looking around my house apparently I also collect band aids with characters on them, coffee travel mugs, tupperware and umbrellas.

Do you have “staff” in your home? (E.g. nanny, driver, chef, etc.)

Add housecleaner, masseuse, and personal organizer and I will take one of each please!

I am blessed (thankfully) with an incredibly supportive husband who willingly takes on any one of those roles so between the 2 of us we seem to get it done.

Do you belong to any clubs, teams, groups or social organizations?

Between managing my kids classes, activities, play dates, birthday parties and other social engagements there is simply not enough hours in the week.  I am completely addicted to The Bar Method workout which I have a monthly membership to, so I guess that kind of counts  – it is a dedicated hour a few times a week that keeps me sane, present, fit and challenged.

Finish this sentence: “My life’s motto is ….”

Depends on the day, but between my kids and business I find I am lately most inspired by wisdom related to children.   This Dr. Seuss quote is currently posted on my desktop:  “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not”.  I like it – a lot.


As a thank you for participating, Molly is receiving a $70 prize pack from Kalem Photography.  Katrina (the photographer) says: “I want to create amazing portraits of your kids and your family. I also want to help you take better everyday photographs of your kids by frequently posting tips to our blog. My ultimate goal; that you too have a wonderful collection of images documenting the changes in your family!”



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