The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Sarah Blackmore


Sarah is a married (10 years!) 32 year old, UK ex-pat, mother of 2 boys.  She is an avid runner, and Martha Stewart wanna-be and recently converted vegan. 

What characteristics define the Vancouver Housewife?

It depends on the situation! For me, I would say, hardworking (you gotta be, it costs so much to live here!), outdoorsy, the willingness to done yoga pants for any given occasion, and passionate about their city

Are you a good representation of a Vancouver Housewife? Why?

I am certainly a representation of a type of Vancouver housewife, and I like to think a good one!

I have a young family, I have a more than full time job, I have a husband who has a more than full time job, I am a fiercely passionate mother, I am long distance runner (or I try to be…), and I am a total wanna-be Martha Stewart clone. If it can be made from scratch in my house it will be from baked goods to patchwork quilts, to (amazing – in my eyes) 3-D cakes – there is no crafting project that hasn’t been attempted!

Do you feel that living in Vancouver in some way defines who you are? Please explain.

I feel that living in Vancouver can’t help but define who you are, but not the way most people would assume. I think that living wherever you live; you can’t help but be defined somewhat by the location. I have to admit, I am a North Vancouver snob. I am totally and crazily in love with my neighbourhood. I have everything I could need within walking distance, parks, playgrounds, coffee shops, restaurants and 30 minutes from downtown. It means that we compromise on space, our boys share a room, we don’t have a grassy back yard… but I can’t imagine ever leaving.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery, Botox, Restalyne injections, etc.? If so, please provide details. If you haven’t had any of the above procedures performed, would you consider it?

I recently entered into the cosmetic surgery with the staggeringly daring mole removal procedure. The scabbiest of all facial procedures!

I would absolutely consider it, however, it certainly isn’t a must have for me, when I look at things like that I am considering them from a cost perspective as in, is a smooth forehead really worth $500 to me? The answer typically is, “hell no! Do you have any idea how many cute dresses / kids shoes / summer camp days / winter tires I can buy for $500?”

Other than your children (if applicable), what is the accomplishment of which you are most proud?

I am proud of the fact that my husband and I, as a unit, chose to carve out a life for ourselves in Vancouver. We moved in in 2005 with no family support, raised 2 amazing children, and succeeded in both of our careers. That in itself brings a lot of stress, very little downtime and we celebrated 10 years of marriage May 2012.

Has the desire for affluence/power/money been a motivator in the choices you’ve made for your life?

No! I mean, I like money. I would like more money. It certainly makes life easier. But, we do what we love and that doesn’t necessarily bring in the big bucks.

Tell us about your stuff. What do you like to buy, collect, etc.?

Dust… no only kidding; however, I do seem to inadvertently collect dust….

Without even trying, I/we seem to collect toys. My almost 8 year old has a seriously large collection of Lego. I am a shoe kind of girl, I am also very proud of my (gifted) Louis Vuitton purse, something I would NEVER buy for myself but is now my prized possession. I have a thing for dresses. I am a big collector of photographs and then creating memory books each year which we send to our families back in the UK.

Do you have “staff” in your home? (E.g. nanny, driver, chef, etc.)

Hello, my name is Sarah. I am the cleaner, cook, laundry person, driver, first aid expert, chief baker, and reader of bedtime stories. My husband’s name is Martin and he holds the glamorous title of garbage-taker-outer and head recycler, car maintenance and laundry-putter-away-er.

Do you belong to any clubs, teams, groups or social organizations?

Oh how I would love to. I run on a regular basis but don’t belong to any running clubs, with a busy work/home life I have to go whenever there is a window. My husband is a video games developer and often keeps pretty unusually hours. If I were to commit to a group I am sure I would let it down more times than actually be able to attend.

Finish this sentence: “My life’s motto is ….”

Really to be happy, to keep the ones I love safe & secure, to experience and embrace change and to make time for the people I love – what more is there?


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  1. Good for you Sarah and happy anniversary (past). 3D cakes – well that is impressive.
    Enjoy your little ones – it is true – they do grow up so fast :)

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