The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Connie Peters


Connie Peters is a mom of three girls in Vancouver.  She founded Modern Mama ( in 2008 and Urban Infant magazine (Edmonton) in 2010.  She juggles her daughter’s schedules around business and family time and the things she adores most about Vancouver are the Aquarium, Kits Beach and the supportive and collaborative mom-entrepreneur community here.

What characteristics define the Vancouver Housewife?

Modern, earth-friendly, easygoing, outdoorsy, active, natural.

Are you a good representation of a Vancouver Housewife? Why? 

In some ways, yes, although I’m definitely not outdoorsy and I try my darndest to be active (although I’m not great at that).  I am modern and earth-friendly however, and I’m completely easygoing.

Do you feel that living in Vancouver in some way defines who you are? Please explain.

Not really, I grew up in Manitoba and I lived in Alberta for four years very recently.  I have lived basically my entire adult life in Vancouver though, and I had my first two daughters here, so perhaps.  But I’m definitely more of a ‘Western Canadian’ than a ‘Vancouverite’.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery, Botox, Restalyne injections, etc.? If so, please provide details. If you haven’t had any of the above procedures performed, would you consider it?  

I’ve definitely considered botox, and I’ll go when the time arises for sure.

Other than your children (if applicable), what is the accomplishment of which you are most proud? 

Probably the launch of both and – they’re my business ‘babies’.

Has the desire for affluence/power/money been a motivator in the choices you’ve made for your life? 

In the past few years I have learned that a big house and a new car do nothing for my overall happiness.  It’s family, experiences and closeness with the people around me that bring me the most gratitude. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t care at all about money and lifestyle!

Tell us about your stuff. What do you like to buy, collect, etc.?

Purses and costume jewellery most of all.  I love clothes too; I like inexpensive trendy stuff like H&M and Forever21 but good designer jeans to pair with it.  Magazines too – I have 13 on my coffee table right now.

Do you have “staff” in your home? (E.g. nanny, driver, chef, etc.)

I miss my cleaning lady and live-in nanny of my old ‘working full-time’ life.  Now, no I don’t.

Do you belong to any clubs, teams, groups or social organizations?

Aside from women’s networking groups and a gym, no.

Finish this sentence: “My life’s motto is ….”

Truthfully it seems to change all the time.  Currently it is ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagined.’ – Thoreau


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